Revolutionizing Genomics: Integrated Services for Every Need

Genomic Data Analysis & Personalized Medicine

Empowering precision healthcare through advanced data interpretation.

Adaptable to various project sizes and types

Custom genomic pipeline strategic planning

Precision medicine for personalized care

Advanced bioinformatics solutions

Advancing Research & Discovery

Streamlining research logistics with innovative solutions and flexible lab services.

Neural Threads

Target Discovery

Neuralink’s technology

Neural Threads

Clinical solutions

At RGEN, we are committed to advancing personalized medicine through our high-throughput genomics lab. We leverage advanced technologies and robust data analytics to provide our clients with meaningful insights that drive clinical decisions.

Disease Screening

Tailored panels for early detection and risk assessment of genetic disorders.


Personalized medication plans that increase efficacy and minimize adverse effects.

Cancer Genomics

Comprehensive tests to understand the genetic basis of malignancies.

Risk Assessment

Predicting individual health risks based on genetic profiles.

Logistics & Storage Solutions

RGEN's operational solutions offer seamless logistics management, secure biobanking, and comprehensive data analysis for your genomic projects. Our services are customizable and can be white-labeled to blend seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. From efficient sample collection to data interpretation, we are with you every step of the way.

Biomedical Logistics (3PL)

Data Analysis

Affordable Biobanking

Private Label Services

Reliable Transport for Your Samples

Third-party management of biomedical specimens, enhancing efficiency and reliability in sample transit.

Secure Biobanking on Your Budget

Affordable, secure biobanking services with low annual fees, making it accessible for all projects.

Your Brand, Your Customer Experience

Private labeling and branding options allowing clients to offer their customers a personalized brand experience.

Tailored Kits for Your Projects

Tailor-made biomedical kits, supporting project scalability, improving sample collection and ensuring quality control.

Flexibility for Any Size Project

We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility, meeting demands and cost-requirements without needing extensive commitments. We cater to projects of all sizes, prioritizing your needs.

DTC Solutions

RGEN supports the growing Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) genomics industry with services tailored to its specific needs. Our robust, scalable infrastructure makes it possible to offer high-quality, individualized genomic information directly to consumers.

Ancestry Testing

Discovering genetic heritage and lineage.

Wellness Genomics

Genetic insights for personalized health and lifestyle choices.

Carrier Screening

Providing crucial genetic risk information for family planning.

Epigenetic Testing

Understanding how lifestyle and environment can alter gene expression.

Forensic Solutions

RGEN's innovative genomic solutions play a critical role in advancing forensic science. By providing services like genetic genealogy and DNA profiling, we assist in criminal investigations and ensure justice.

Genetic Genealogy

Unraveling ancestry through DNA to solve criminal cases.

Genetic Phenotyping

Predicting physical traits from DNA samples for investigative leads.

DNA Profiling

Reliable identification of individuals for forensic use.

Evidence Examination

Ensuring high-quality DNA analysis even from challenging samples.

Delivering Excellence, Growing Success


High-Volume Capacity


Operational Efficiency


Client Commitment

At RGEN, we're more than just a genomic services provider; we're your trusted partner on a shared mission to improve health outcomes. With our unwavering commitment to operational efficiency and client satisfaction, we're helping to shape a future where everyone has access to personalized healthcare solutions.